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SS&C: Defensive compounder with compelling risk reward

SS&C is a business we have written-up before, we would call it a high quality compounder that occasionally gets very cheap, we think now is one of those times.
  • Trades at 11x EPS, yet has grown EPS at a 25% CAGR for the last decade.

  • With highly predictable and defensive earnings, SSNC is relatively well positioned into an economic downturn.

  • SSNC’s earnings growth is driven by acquisitions.

  • They are excellent operators of mature businesses. Corporate EBITDA margins drop after an acquisition, then rapidly return to the 40% level.

  • We think it is an opportune time with more targets likely available and at better prices than they have been for a long time.

  • What might put you off? The debt, 75% of which is floating rate and thus a drag on EPS growth.

Potential Upside: $85 (+50%) Sensible Downside: $49 (-12%)

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